Sunday, November 19, 2006

I Can Do That!

There was a time when I would not have believed it was possible to spend the equivalent of almost 3 months fishing. Now that it has happened, it seems easy and I'm gladly looking forward to more than 100 days of fishing on my favorite lakes in 2007. 

Possibilities are like that. All it takes is a small experience of what can happen, and the seemingly impossible becomes suddenly and easily possible. For me, it starts with taking just one small action and then another, no matter how small, on the possibility. Soon I notice that I'm moving out of the arena of possibilities and into reality. Often, a possibility like 80 days of fishing seems just a little too far fetched in the beginning. More likely, I can't even envision it. So I only focus on taking the little opportunities as they present themselves. I was able to see each opportunity as it came to me, 5 days here, 10 days there. I just took those smaller opportunities and let the 80 day happen in the background.
It does, however, take some practice in order to see and take the opportunities. First, look for the unusual patterns in your life and stay open to those patterns. Is something unusual or unexpected coming up for you often lately? Actually invite that unexpected. Then, when you do recognize an unexpected opportunity, trust your body. Don't let your mind reason you out of the opportunity. For instance, your mind may say you don't deserve another week off. And what you think and believe about yourself and what you deserve determines your emotions and behavior. So you don't take time off. Then that behavior validates what you think and believe about yourself and the possibility disappears. You're body however will likely be excited about the good opportunities. So listen to it and let it lead you.

You can do that!! Just one little opportunity at a time. We contain within ourselves infinite possibilities.
“Impossible is a word humans use far too often.” ~Jeri Ryan

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