Saturday, June 28, 2003

The Yeah-But Whine

Have you got a case of the “Yeah-But” whine?
Yeah, I’d love to do that, but…
Yeah, that makes sense to me, but…
Yeah, I totally support that, but…

For most of us, what follow our “buts” are either no resources (time, money, support…) or that others will judge us in some way?
For example:
Yeah, I’d love to take that class, but I just can't find the time.
Yeah, I’d love to have a garden, but I just don't know how to get started.
Yeah, I’d love to work more from home but what will my boss say?

Now there are two components to the “Yeah-But” whine:
1. Everything that comes before the but, what you say you would love to do.
2. And everything that comes after the but, why you feel you can't.
So if you find yourself “Yeah-But” whining more than you would like, first ask yourself, would you really love to do or be what you are saying “Yeah,” to. If so, then how can you change the “But”? Stay with me here. “Yeah-But” whining is curable. It just takes a little insight and introspection.

The attraction principles say we can have exactly what we desire if we're willing to express the desire, really FEEL getting what it is we would love to have, and letting go of any attachment to when and how it will show up. So if you've analyzed your “Yeah-But” whine and the first part is so very true for you, then drop the “But” and add one of my favorite words, “And.”
Yeah, I’d love to take that class, AND I know the time will present itself.
Yeah, I’d love to have a garden, AND I know the right resource is on its way.
Yeah, I’d love to work more from home AND I'm sure I’ll get the support I need.

You see, the “but” negates your desire. The “and” supports it. You don't have to overcome the challenge that follows your “but,” you just have to replace it with the possibility inherent in the “and” and feel that possibility. If you can't feel that one, then feel something else that jazzes you. It's only important that you attach a good feeling to what it is you desire. For example, if you can't feel good about…
Yeah, I’d love to take that class and I know the time will present itself.
Then try…
Yeah, I’d love to take that class and the lilacs are beautiful and smell so rich today.

All that matters is that you drop the “but,” replace it with an “and” and attach a good feeling. Infinite possibilities open up when you attach a good feeling to your desire.

Try it. It's easy. And stop “Yeah-But” whining your life away.

"You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself 
any direction you choose.
You're on your own. And you know what you know.
And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go...."
~Dr Seuss

Sunday, June 08, 2003

My May Fishing Break

Did I tell you I was headed to Northern Ontario the last week of May for some fishing? Well, I'm back, exhausted, sore, and very, very happy. A wonderful week, just me, the black flies and, of course, the fish. My count was about 160 fish in the boat, 3 lures lost, and probably another 40-50 fish escaped me before I landed them. A dozen portages, 8 lakes fished, 6 creeks paddled both up- and downstream and 7 waterfalls (viewed, not paddled). I ate fish every day and had moose stew one night. I saw one bear, countless grouse, woodcock and hummingbirds. I hit one beaver with my lure (he surfaced at the very moment my lure landed). We were both surprised and no damage done to either of us. And the whippoorwills were rowdy every night.

Speaking of waterfalls, last month's challenge was to find Plunge Falls in Northern Ontario. Dave Morgan took me up on the challenge and even sent me the map. I'm impressed, Dave!