Saturday, January 07, 2012

The Best of All Possible Worlds

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Relax. No resolution suggestions will be shared here. I am a Resolution Free Zone. I just don’t make them. And I've come to accept that I cannot convert everyone to my way of thinking. Make your New Year resolutions. And have fun.

And if you still have some inspiration left over from the new leaf we all turned when January 1 came around the bend, here are some ideas that are not really resolutions at all. Take only one, or one a day, or one a week, or one a month, or create your own. It’s your choice. The question is:

What can I do or who can I become, this year, that will help make this the best of all possible worlds?

101 Suggestions:

  1. Be happy
  2. Love openly
  3. Plant something
  4. Meditate
  5. Talk about the things you love
  6. Pass on conversations about the things you dislike
  7. Pamper someone you know
  8. Pamper a stranger
  9. Turn off the TV
  10. Turn off the computer
  11. Reuse more and dispose of fewer things
  12. Use freecycle
  13. Give away some books
  14. Give away some clothes
  15. Give away some food
  16. Give away some time and energy
  17. Play in nature
  18. Support something you know is right
  19. Stop supporting something you know is wrong
  20. Help change something bigger than you
  21. Think before you buy
  22. Share an insight
  23. Share this list
  24. Make more of the things you use and eat
  25. Take a nap
  26. Take your time
  27. Take a trip
  28. Take the train
  29. Support another’s dream
  30. Add a splash of color
  31. Laugh
  32. Help an acre, or a few thousand acres, of earth be free and wild again
  33. Help a person, or a few thousand people, be independent again
  34. Help a needy animal, or a few thousand animals, be safe
  35. Give of yourself
  36. Gift to yourself
  37. Downsize your home
  38. Become curious
  39. Stop tolerating junk mail
  40. Learn something
  41. Then become good
  42. Then become a master
  43. Then teach it
  44. Then break the rules
  45. Speak up
  46. Write about something important to you
  47. Thank everyone
  48. Become patient with someone
  49. Become patient with yourself
  50. Smile at friends
  51. Smile at yourself
  52. Smile at strangers
  53. Follow your heart
  54. Give your heart
  55. Make something for someone
  56. Create some wacky solutions to your dilemmas
  57. Allow others to do as they please
  58. Ask for a better reason than “Everybody’s doing it.”
  59. Clear your clutter
  60. Use the things you love
  61. Fix that which needs fixing
  62. Create some freedom in your day, week, year
  63. Create some freedom for someone else
  64. Understand that which you fear
  65. Be silent
  66. Become conscious
  67. Bake something for someone
  68. Aspire to the TED Prize
  69. Climb to the top of something
  70. Climb to the bottom of something
  71. Take naps
  72. Move naturally
  73. Live and work in a walkable community
  74. De-convenience your home
  75. Meditate
  76. Share a meal
  77. Create your own Blue Zone
  78. Focus on what's important for YOU each day and let your legacy take care of itself
  79. Learn a language
  80. Send a stranger some silent love
  81. Visit someone you know and admire whom you've never met in person
  82. Write a letter of appreciation to your favorite author
  83. Write a letter of appreciation to a politician who has supported something important to you
  84. Write a letter of appreciation to yourself
  85. Write a letter of appreciation to someone who has supported you
  86. Write a letter of appreciation to a stranger
  87. Grow something
  88. Raise something
  89. Notice the amount of disposable plastic you buy
  90. Throw a party
  91. Know what's in the food you eat
  92. Be aware of your food miles
  93. Kiss the ones you love
  94. Kiss the cat
  95. Kiss the dog
  96. Kiss a fish
  97. Kiss a stranger
  98. Take a risk
  99. Take a break
  100. Call your Dad and by all means...
  101. Call your Mom!
"I don't like that man. I must get to know him better." ~Abraham Lincoln

"If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can make the world safe for diversity." ~John F. Kennedy

"The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." ~Albert Einstein

The List Coaching

If you find value in this list and would like to experience some group coaching around this list and additional items we come up with as a group, zip me an email or give me a call at 231-879-4178.

I would be happy to provide 9 sessions (55 minutes each) of group coaching via teleconference for only $150 per person. Calls will be recorded should you miss one.

We will explore in depth many of the items on this list, create some of our own, and support every person in the group to create their personalized list and focus for 2012. If 2012 is the year you want to help make this the best of all possible worlds, consider joining us.

I need a minimum of 5 participants and a maximum of 15. Days and times will be determined once we have our group.