Friday, October 15, 1999

Time, Space, Choice

Often people tell me they want to find more time; more time in their day, week, month, year and life.  The usual approach to this dilemma is to start structuring and organizing their days as though becoming more efficient, structured and focused, will somehow allow them to be organized enough to "find" the time to do the things they love.

I suggest focusing on space instead of time. Take a look around you right now. Is your space cluttered? How does the office desk look, the bedroom closet, the kitchen cupboard, the dreaded basement and garage, your car, your head? Space we can do something about. As my space becomes less cluttered, time opens up for me. No time to create space you say? Delegate it! Hire it out! Through space comes clarity. Through clarity comes better actions and decision. Through better actions and decisions comes time.

Create some space in your life today and see time magically open up for you?