Monday, February 09, 2004

Three Independent Observations

I don't take the simple daily events for granted. Especially if they are related to nature in some way. There's GOLD in every moment.

I'm wandering again. I tried for awhile to pull these three observations together and make them one strong, meaningful article. No can do. They're definitely "stand alones." May one or more inspire you.

Jersey in the Window We've got snow! The driveway, is getting smaller as the snow banks invade it from both sides. The roof is holding a good two feet of snow and I'm getting a little moved off each day. It's alarming to look out the windows over the kitchen sink and see one of the dogs staring back at me.

But it has not been all work. The dogs have insisted we walk and so the artist, Mother Nature, inspires me daily. It's amazing what she can do with a little snow piled on some upturned tree roots, a snow-covered creek with just a hint of flow, and some sunshine filtering through the hemlock and cedar with just enough wind to send sparkling diamonds scattering off the tree branches. Wow. Do we need any more than that to sustain us?

A Snowy Creek
Sunny Snow

"If you are missing out on the natural joy and wisdom of life, it is because you have been taught to ignore it." ~Michael J. Cohen, Reconnecting With Nature

Last Saturday I went ice fishing. This year's exceptional snowfall has created a warm blanket on top of the lake. The result is about 8 to 12 inches of slush on top of the more solid lake ice. It's unnerving to step on to the lake when conditions are like this. Intellectually, I know as I plunge through the top layer of slush that my foot will ultimately stop on solid ice and I will not find myself submerged in the lake. But with each step, my body was startled into reacting by bending my knees, crouching low and spreading my arms out full in order to save myself. Coming back off the lake after dark magnified the sensation.

So right now you're saying “Then why does she do that!?” I do it not to trust myself, have faith in something outside of me, or any of the other more pure reasons. No, the uncertain feelings I put my body through were just a way to get my juices flowing. It's the middle of winter, you know. I needed a way to break up the seasonal blahs and create just enough of a dangerous illusion to shift me into feeling very much alive again.

"The most exotic destination of all is the one to be found within your own adventurous spirit." ~Jeff Salz, The Way of Adventure

A few days ago I was having a virtual conversation with a few folks about the Law of Attraction. The question was asked, do you think it's better to share your intentions and desires with others as a way to get them out there, make them more solid, and use others to help you move forward? Or is it better, as Wayne Dyer suggests in his book Manifest Your Destiny, to keep your intentions private?

I agree with Dyer. Partly because it's difficult for others, especially those who love you, to hold your intention purely.

But the main reason I do not share my intentions is because my intentions change at the speed of light. One of the reasons the Law of Attraction works so well for me is because I allow myself to revise my intentions on the fly. Today's intention often becomes bigger and better in a short period of time. Sharing my original intention would slow me down. Ultimately, I want to be moving at the pace where I manifest something and then realize that was my intention rather than creating an intention and then waiting for it to happen.

One exception. I meet regularly with 3 other coaches who don't give a hoot about what I say I intend. Nor do I care about their stated intentions. The result is a safe place to say it out loud and then let it or something better happen. Find a coach or person who can do that for you and things will happen fast! Those closest to us or those who take our intentions too seriously often care too much and muddy the playing field.

Thanks Tom, Anna  and Karen!

So for February:
1. Get yourself in nature, now!
2. Do something that gets the juices flowing.
3. And share your intentions with those who care only about the conversation it generates.

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